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when DEDI meEt HANNY; This is a report


Guru Tarki (kiri)

Last month at Jogjakarta, this is what Hanny Gultom says at her blog:

It’s a sudden-interview that i got with Pa Dedi Dwitagama, our mentor and motivator when we were in Jogja.  Still with three questions to go, Enjoyy.. ^^

1. Hello Pa Dedy, what is Sacrifice meant to you?
For me sacrifice is a self-consent of leaving your comfort to others that need, said to give and lift up their life by appreciate what they’ve done.

2. What/Who that can heal and cure you when you are on the lowest stage of your life?
My Family, they give me spirit to lift up my life.

3. What/ Who that can remind you to stay underground?
My life principal, that life is about a cycle, you can be way up high and then down below. To know and understand that life is a cycle you can be prepared and ready what life will give you.

Spechless Hanny … Miss U


Author: Dedi Dwitagama

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2 thoughts on “when DEDI meEt HANNY; This is a report

  1. wahhh pa.. thanks for posting this to your blog.. hehe.. such an honor pa.. ^^, thanks..

  2.’alaikum wr.wb

    pak gmna kabarnya baik2 aja khan,semoga sehat wal afiat Aminnn…………….
    Minal aidzin wal faidzin (mohon maaf lahir dan bathin)
    pak gmna nge at blok bapak ke profil saya ???

    makasih pak’alaikum wr.wb

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