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25112013 Great moment with @Accsaro at SMKN 50 Jakarta

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menikmati tulisan murid SMKN 50 Jakarta … ini bakal jadi kenangan indah buat mereka … peristiwa yang berkesan harus difoto, videokan, kabarkan … lihat deh belasan tahun kemudian


Today accsaro (my lovely class) participated on annual National Teacher’s day competition at our school.. We followed the choir competition, write and read poetry, and solo sing. The choir followed by 25 students from my class (20 girls and 5 boys), the poetry written by Shabrina Nabila Rizkiana (you must know she is my best chairmate <3) and read by Putri Juhairiyyah Winarty (she usually called Pejewe) and then the solo singer is Rini Amalia. I think this year is different with another year, yeah i feel the difference because this is our last competition that we could followed in our school :" next year we will not in there anymore, we will graduate soon, go to our dreams and reach them :’)

I Love You Sooooooo Much Accsaro :* ❤

Your Love,
Mutia ^^

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