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My Blog statistic 2016

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WordPress used to do this real cool thing at the end of the year, ‘WordPress Year in Review’This time round, they didn’t do it..the Support forums confirmed it. Anyways, tried to put up some of the stats myself, whatever of which I could gather.

Here is how Blog Pendidikan: Dedi Dwitagama  performed in 2016.

Views and Visitors:

58.994 visitors

Likes and Comments:




Most Popular Hour:

9:00 AM (7 % of views)

Most Popular Day:

Wednesday (16 % of views)

Total Posts (2016):



Top 5 Referring Sites in 2016:

1. Google Search 46.116  views

2. Facebook 2.547 views

3. Android App 667 views

4. WordPress Reader 336 views

5. Twitter 188 views


Top Populer 10 Posting in 2016:



Where Did My Visitors Come From (Top Nine)



Top 5 People Commenting (not including me):

1. Dewi Pangalila: 39 comments
2. Winny Marlina: 20 comments
3. M. Radian: 16 comments
4. Virgana: 12 comments
5. Dzulfikar: 11 comments each


All-time posts, views, and visitors

3.805 posts


331.003 visitors

1.731 best views (January 8, 2013)


~ A pretty satisfying year when I think of my blogging journey in 2016 ~

A big Thank you to everyone who has made this blog what it is and continues to visit and comment!



Author: Dedi Dwitagama

Working as Teacher at Vocational High School 50 Jakarta (SMK Negeri 50 Jakarta Timur), Trainer and Motivator on Drug Abuse, Leadership & HIV-AIDS Prevention, Education, ICT, Leadership, Character Building, Public Speaking also as photografer. Please visit;, and

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  1. Luar biasa Pak .. sukses selalu

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