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when DEDI meEt HANNY; This is a report

Guru Tarki (kiri)

Last month at Jogjakarta, this is what Hanny Gultom says at her blog:

It’s a sudden-interview that i got with Pa Dedi Dwitagama, our mentor and motivator when we were in Jogja.  Still with three questions to go, Enjoyy.. ^^

1. Hello Pa Dedy, what is Sacrifice meant to you?
For me sacrifice is a self-consent of leaving your comfort to others that need, said to give and lift up their life by appreciate what they’ve done.

2. What/Who that can heal and cure you when you are on the lowest stage of your life?
My Family, they give me spirit to lift up my life.

3. What/ Who that can remind you to stay underground?
My life principal, that life is about a cycle, you can be way up high and then down below. To know and understand that life is a cycle you can be prepared and ready what life will give you.

Spechless Hanny … Miss U